Evolution Media is a Boutique Agency focused on creating Exceptional Results and Relationships with there Clients. They are a Family-Owned Business located in the heart of Twin Cities Minnesota. The Founders came from a Internet, Sales and Marketing Background. They were Directors, Managers and Executives for Large Corporations and Media Companies, running hundreds of marketing campaigns online and offline with some of the largest Brands and Manufacturers in the World.

But through their experiences, they found that the companies they were working for were spending a lot of money which the Madison Avenue Agencies proposed for them on things that didn’t work (That Google Penalizes). These companies didn’t have a clue what worked and how people buy online. They just spent a bunch of money, had no strategy and tried to just see what stuck. All too often the strategies recommended by the Ad Agencies were more focused on their profits instead of the clients.

Based on those experiences 12 years ago, the Founders began to work on the solution that has become Evolution Media. Using proven Internet Marketing Techniques they have been helping Minnesota Companies and Brands all over the World generate  more quality online traffic and convert those visitors to buying customers.

Evolution Media managed hundreds of websites accross the Internet in all different industries. The company owns and operates Software Solutions, Ecommerce sites, Membership sites, Video Production services, Digital Marketing agency and Media Publishing entities.

Evolution Media