Authority Marketing System

Evolution Media’s Authority Marketing System is Proven to help Your Brand Convert More Browsers to Buyers by 34-220% this Next Year. Whether You are Looking to Grow New Sales or Build Current Partner Relationships – We Have You Covered. Contact Us Today with a Free Online Analysis.

Your target market is looking for your services on the Internet but can’t find you due to your competition…

What are you doing to keep your Competition away? If you are not driving targeted traffic to your website, providing high quality content and communicating with your core audience on a daily or weekly basis then you are declining in today's digital age... And Someone else is benefiting from your negligence.

Drive and Convert Sales Channels

We deliver you a stream of high quality traffic to your website, campaigns and promotions with our data-driven technology and audience targeting systems.

  • Websites and Blogs
  • Ecommerce Sites
  • Social Media Channels
  • Video Sharing Sites
  • Reseller and Customer Sites
  • Retail Sites and Displays
  • Online Banner Ads
  • Tradeshows and Booths
  • Mobile Phones and Devices

A Proven Marketing System for All Industries

Evolution Media’s Proven Authority Marketing System is the Solution to Your Problem. We work with Brands, Manufacturers and Companies of all sizes to “Convert more Browsers to Buyers” every single day.

  • Retail and Consumer Markets
  • Business-to-Business
  • Manufacturing and Industrial
  • Software and Technology
  • Restaurant and Hospitality
  • Financial and Legal
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • More

Maximize Your Returns to Combine the Power of Purchase Intent with Behavioral Demographic Buying Signals

With the Evolution Media's Authority Marketing System, you can now power your audience marketing by enhancing your first and third-party data with search intent data, as well as buying signals from social and display channels. By fusing data from multiple sources, it's never been easier to synchronously create precise, powerful, and highly-valuable audience segments to target and retarget across the Web, Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Understanding your key audiences and how they’re interacting across your marketing channels, will help you better target, message and optimize your marketing program performance. Sophisticated marketers like you are discovering tremendous value from creating more precise, more engaged audiences, and optimizing bidding and creative based on the audience’s current and lifetime value.

Evolution Media's Authority Marketing System is a powerful proven methodology that allows you to combine your first and third party data with search intent data, and then layer buying signals from social and display channels to create the most active and profitable audience segments. The Best part is that it's all done for you!

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